Category: Fundamental Analysis

  • How to be Successful at Trading Options Within a Day, by Nitin Murarka-2022

    Nitin Murarka, a successful stock market investor with many years of experience, to decode how to do intraday options trading during an interesting session that was a part of the highly popular Face2Face series, which was conducted by Elearnmarkets. This session was conducted by Elearnmarkets. This blog is devoted to all of our intraday traders […]

  • Breakout Stocks- 7 Steps to follow when Trading Powerful Breakout Stocks

    Breakout Stocks: Seven Important Steps to Take Before Trading Powerful Breakout StocksHow many of you have watched business channels or listened to experts declare that a stock recently broke out from specified levels and is poised to make large swings either up or down? If you keep up with the stock market, we are certain […]

  • 6 Powerful Turnover Ratios for Analyzing Company‚Äôs Efficiency

    Do you intend to do a basic study of the businesses in which you want to invest? However, before you do so, you need to be sure that you have checked the turnover ratios, which will assist you in determining how effectively the business is putting its assets to use in order to generate money. […]

  • 9 Important Things to Consider in Quarterly Results Before Investing in Stocks

    It’s that time of year again: reporting time for quarterly results! Yes! Listed Indian firms are required to submit their quarterly results to the stock market on a quarterly basis for the four quarters that conclude in June, September, December, and March. This requirement applies to each of the four quarters. The yearly results of […]

  • 7 Types of Profitability ratios and Why do They Matter?

    Profitability ratios are a type of financial ratio that investors use to evaluate a company’s ability to generate income profit in relation to its revenue, operating costs, balance sheet assets, and equity shareholders during a specific period of time. These ratios are calculated by comparing a company’s income profit to the company’s revenue, operating costs, […]