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  • How to be Successful at Trading Options Within a Day, by Nitin Murarka-2022

    Nitin Murarka, a successful stock market investor with many years of experience, to decode how to do intraday options trading during an interesting session that was a part of the highly popular Face2Face series, which was conducted by Elearnmarkets. This session was conducted by Elearnmarkets. This blog is devoted to all of our intraday traders […]

  • Deciphering the Power of Foreign Institutional Investors (FIIs) in 2022

    What a fantastic way to kick out the year 2022, with fresh inflows of capital from overseas institutional investors driving the Indian stock market to new heights. Yes! The Nifty 50 and the Sensex both finished the first two trading days of the New Year in a positive position, with FIIs contributing inflows of Rs.902.64 […]

  • 10 Different Ways to Invest – Which Approach to Investing in Stocks Is Right for You?

    Are you going to invest in stocks? When you make the decision to put your money into investments as opposed to simply putting it away in savings, you need to keep in mind that there is more than one way to put money into investments. So, are you familiar with the type of investor you […]

  • Breakout Stocks- 7 Steps to follow when Trading Powerful Breakout Stocks

    Breakout Stocks: Seven Important Steps to Take Before Trading Powerful Breakout StocksHow many of you have watched business channels or listened to experts declare that a stock recently broke out from specified levels and is poised to make large swings either up or down? If you keep up with the stock market, we are certain […]

  • How can you trade using the Powerful High-Wave Candlestick Pattern? -2022

    Candlestick patterns characterised by indecision and resembling long-legged Dojis are referred to as High-wave candlestick patterns. Their lower shadows are rather long, and their wicks at the top are quite a bit longer. Additionally, they possess a bigger physical physique. They are prevalent at levels of support and resistance, as well as during times of […]

  • 15 Powerful Breadth Indicators that Trader should know

    Breadth indicators are useful tools for gaining an insight of the market’s underlying strength. If you just look at the prices on the market, you may not always be able to determine the direction that the market is trending in. Instead of just comprehending the stock market, breadth indicators assist us understand how the “market […]

  • 7 Bar Patterns Traders should know

    7 Bar Patterns that Traders Should Be Aware Of Bar patterns are patterns that occur over a short period of time and are helpful for determining reasonable stop-loss locations and timing our transactions. Every price action trader need to be familiar with both candlestick patterns and bar patterns since they are extremely similar to one […]

  • The Directional Movement Index (DMI) – How Can It Help You Trade More Effectively?

    J. Welles Wilder is the one who came up with the idea for the momentum indicator known as the Directional Movement Index (DMI). Although it is common practise to make use of both in their combined form, certain trading platforms do distinguish between the Average Direction Index and the Directional Movement indicator (ADX). The ADX […]

  • 8 Steps Stock Trading Checklist for Effective Trading

    Do you know that before you make any trades in the stock market, you have to go through a stock trading checklist? Yes! Before initiating any trade, one has to have a comprehensive checklist available, as this assists traders in maintaining discipline, being loyal to the trading strategy, and developing confidence. It is important to […]

  • There are six powerful technical indicators for intraday trading.

    Do you know that while technical analysis provides us with a number of indicators to help guide us, the majority of those indicators are not appropriate for intraday trading? Yes, there are some technical indicators that work well for traders who wish to close out their position inside a single trading day. The word “intraday […]